No one who ever met Barry Bohlander could ever forget his big smile, generous nature, incredible talent, amazing intellect, or his handsome good looks. He was a gifted musician and natural athlete; a loving son and brother who made friends quickly. He positively impacted so many lives from the time he was a youngster and the new kid in town as well as the newest patient admitted to the hospital.

Everyone loved Barry.

Barry passed away on March 20, 2005 at the age of just 25. In his last 5 years, he was challenged by schizophrenia. He fought to the end to overcome the disease, to find relief from the chaos within his own mind. In just 5 short years, his hopes and dreams of a future with unlimited potential turned sharply into a journey to find answers in hopes of simply living with clear thinking, being able to live independently, and to create a meaningful life.

Barry’s positive energy radiated from him like a candle’s soft glow. And it is with that vision that the Shed A Light Foundation began